Tuesday 10 – Accessories

I’m joining up with Lena and several other ladies in the weekly Tuesday 10 themed posts. This week’s theme is Favorite Accessories.

This was another hard one, because I love me some sparklies and have a big old jewelry box filled with do-dads, and an intimidating line-up of belts occupying a lower rack in the closet. But I narrowed down on 10 that I’ve recently been wearing the most. As you’ll see, I’m in somewhat of a bronze & copper phase right now, haha.

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  1. Copper leaf/feather necklace from a general store in Fredericksburg, TX.
  2. Mini bronze pocketwatch necklace from an Etsy store that is no longer open.
  3. Custom copper bird necklace with red and purple beads from Mama’s Nest Designs. (Thanks Tricia!)
  4. Stalactite necklace in turquoise from Girl 216 Designs.
  5. Beaded bracelet in blues, browns, and copper. Birthday gift from my sister years ago.
  6. Silver snake ring. Bought years ago, I think at a street booth in NYC.
  7. Copper-wrapped glass bead ring from Another World Design.
  8. Exploring the Stream Belt in Brook from ModCloth.
  9. Skinny teal belt. Came attached to a dress (no longer available) from Lulu’s that I got at the TxSC clothing swap.
  10. Wide crochet belt. Came attached to a shirt I bought from Ross.

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