Friday Favorites: Clothes Swapping

It all started at the TxSC Clothing Swap. I brought two items of clothing from my own closet that I didn’t wear/didn’t fit anymore, and got to take away completely new-to-me items for free. New things in my wardrobe. For free. While cleaning out my own closet. That’s 3 good things, and no downside, for those keeping score. They gave out tote bags at the TxSC swap that said “Swap is the new Shop” and that couldn’t be more true for me. It was an instant addiction.

The co-host of that event,, has furthered this addiction. You list all the things you have that you want to get rid of. Other people list theirs. When you find something you want that someone else has, you ask if they see anything in your listings that they’d like to swap for, and voila: swap magic. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt – searching through all of the listings, hoping for something that is both fabulous and in your size. was my gateway drug (for the record, they are not just about clothes swapping, but any kind of object swapping – books, movies, etc.). I’ve since joined a Facebook swap group, and a clothing swap meet-up here in Austin. I’ve gotten a lot of great pieces all told. Sure, there’s been a few that didn’t fit me as expected, or weren’t quite what I had pictured, but the great thing is I can just swap those to someone else – no loss!

For the curious, my listings are here: Swap My Closet. All items are also for sale (Shop My Closet) if people really want an item but don’t have something I care to swap for.

Here’s a few of the pieces that have come my way through swapping:

Plaid babydoll tunic/dress with pockets and rolled sleeves. SO soft.
Polka dot tank - cream with light and dark green dots.
Striped shorts. Not something I'd normally pick, but they fit PERFECTLY.
Grey tank with black lace overlay. Grey is a t-shirt material, makes this super comfy.
Pink and blacked striped asymmetrical skirt.
Halter dress with green and white print.
Floral print shirt with lace overlay and lace tie-backs
Black polka dot maxi skirt
Green crochet short sleeve cardigan. Super cute.

Dusty plum colored purse. Perfect size, great color.

Can you see why I’m addicted? Any other swap addicts out there?



  1. This is SO cool!!! What a fabulous idea… It’s almost like thrifting, but… FREE. Wow. I love this idea! The only downside for me is that most clothes I want to get rid of, to make room for more, are so old that they aren’t good swapping-quality. 🙁 And by old, I don’t mean out of fashion, I mean ripped/hole-y/stained from years of wear. >.<!

    1. It is pretty cool. I’m completely addicted. That is a bummer on the ripped/stained stuff, but the great thing (about, at least) is there’s no minimum number of listings you need. So even if you only have 1 or 2 things, try it out! 🙂