Back on the Mainland

I’m back! Alaska was just as pretty as I’d expected, if a tad colder/rainy-er than I’d hoped. I’ll have pictures and recap stuff soon, but today I’m just recovering. Our flight back from Seattle didn’t get in until after midnight last night, and this girl is tuckered out. I hope all of you had a fabulous week, and I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow! 🙂


    1. We had about 1,000 photos to go through – definitely some good ones! I’ll be posting some in the next few days. 🙂

  1. Where in Alaska did you go? I live here and I love it, just wondering if you went anywhere that I’ve been!

      1. Nope! I am in Homer, on the Kenai Peninsula, and those are all in Southeast. However, I’m excited to see pictures because I’m thinking of moving over to that area in about a year.. Ketchikan is actually where I’m considering moving, because Juneau is apparently really expensive to live in — but, you never know, I might go to my first year of college in Juneau, and stay in student housing. Never know!