Alaska Recap Part 1: Ship & Sea

What: 7-day Alaskan Cruise
Who: Me, the Boy, and certain members of the Boy’s Family

Our first two and half days of the cruise were spent at sea, making our way from Seattle up to the northernmost point of our route. Unless you feel like gambling or shopping non-stop, there’s not a whole lot to do on the at-sea days until the evening when the shows start. So we had plenty of time to wander around the ship, get pictures of the passing scenery, and watch the world go by through the windows during the day. And gorge on all of the available food, and read, and nap, of course. We were lucky enough to have clear weather those days, so while it was brisk it was nice enough to go out on deck.

There’s not a whole lot to recap in text from those days, but there are plenty of photos. Witness (and click to embiggen, if you wish):

We sailed from Seattle, which was grey and rainy when we left.

How pretty is this?!
Luckily our two days at sea were clear and sunny.
Me and the boy on our 1st full day at sea.
Entrance to the Endicott Fjord.
Evidence of the ice chunks that prevented us from going further up the fjord.
Me playing photog on our 2nd full day at sea.
Leaving a wake.
One of the formal nights on board, where everyone dresses up and you can get portraits taken.

My favorite of the towel animals left in our room by the housekeeping staff each night.

Part 2 will detail our stops in Skagway and Juneau, and Part 3 will be Ketchikan and Victoria. Those will be up later this week, and have more story-like stuff to go with the photos. 🙂


    1. Wow, yeah, you’re kind of on the opposite side of the globe! If you ever do get a chance someday, take it – and pack warm!! 😉

  1. Those are some BEAUTIFUL photos!! Wow, i never thought i’d like to go to Alaska before but it is so gorgeous there!!! Perhaps you’ve changed my mind!