Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

I finished my very first solo, with-machine sewing project, and am ridiculously excited/proud of it. It’s just some pillows, with screenprints on them. But I sewed them myself! Successfully! I’ll have a sewing update w/ pics later this week, I just have to wait until after the recipient gets them in the mail, since they are a gift and I want her to see them in person before seeing them on the blog.

I had another great clothes swapping experience with Austin Clothes Exchange this past weekend. 🙂

Getting excited about the Zelda Symphony later this month – woohoo!

I received the first letter from my Lovely Letters penpal! I love getting mail. Except now I don’t know whether I’m supposed to write her back right away, since I also wrote her a letter and she might be responding to that, in which case our letters would cross and it’d be all confusing…Conundrum. But on the upside, I bought the CUTEST stationery on Etsy, so I’ll have pretty stuff to write on. 🙂

I’m scheming things to put in the box I’m sending to my Foodie Pen Pal, and I hope she likes it.

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  1. Great list. The expat post was particularly interesting, it really highlighted what are to me some of the key differences between being an expat and being an immigrant. Good food for thought.

    As a newbie sewer (sewist? person who sews? person who attempts to sew?) myself I’m always keen to hear about fun new projects, especially the easy ones :).