Sewing Update: Elephant Pillows!

Well, my sister received her gift earlier today, so I can finally unveil my pillow-making triumph with you all! 😀

This was my first interaction with my sewing machine *unsupervised* by the training staff at Sew Much More. Meaning I was at home and did everything from threading the machine to finishing the pillows by myself. Pretty big f’in deal, in my book. And I realize pillows are the easiest of the easy of starter sewing projects, but I’m still dang proud. And my sister & her hubby loved them, so triple win.

3/4 sewn pillowcases waiting to be screenprinted and stuffed, as shown.

Finished!! Both pillows have a blue elephant and a white elephant, so they can be flipped over for whatever desired color combo.

Taking their places in my sister’s living room. Photos courtesy of her. They fit the color scheme nicely, no?

Next up: some pillows for my house. Will probably go through several rounds of pillows before graduating to other types of projects. I want to get the hang of my machine fully.

Any recent sewing triumphs amongst you, readers?


  1. They turned out great! I recently sewed a cushion for our outdoor glider bench. I really need to use my sewing machine more. I had forgotten how much fun it could be.

  2. Oooh, cute!

    I’m in the process of making a light summer robe (it was meant to be a beach coverup but I decided it was far too tent-like for that, I’d look like a whale). I also need to figure out what I can bring my sister as a gift this summer. Maybe a tote bag of some kind…