What I Wore: Chevron Breezy

Chevron to the max(i).

I wore this earlier this week, just a typical day working from home and running a few errands. More proof that I’m addicted to stripes. Story about this skirt: I was at the mall (I know) visiting the Texas Store for goodies to send to my Foodie Pen Pal. I didn’t intend to do any shopping for clothes whatsoever, because I generally don’t like spending time in malls. But as I was leaving, my route to the exit took me past a store that had prominently displayed racks of clothing with a sign that said 75% Off. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t resist at least looking at what’s on the clearance rack. Lo and behold, there was this awesome chevron maxi skirt, in my size, for a whopping $9. An easy breezy maxi skirt in awesome color/pattern combo for a super discount? Sold and sold.

And I had a little fun with the photos from this shoot. I was playing around with the Instagram actions for Photoshop, and liked how it turned out so much I decided to do all the photos in this post that way. Hurray filters!

Also, these sandals are super comfy.

Instagram-like goodness.
Photo shoots in the backyard always come with the added excitement of dodging puppy bombs.
I keep messing with my hair because it was breezy out.
Oh so serious.

Insta-filtered details.


Colors: Teal, Medium Grey, Off-White, Brown/Bronze

Skirt: Rue 21, not available online
Tank: Victoria’s Secret bra top tank
Sandals: Blowfish Shoes Bria sandal
Necklace: Mama’s Nest Designs tiger’s eye toggle necklace


  1. ok ive been going through the WIWW posts and I think your outfit has to be one of my favorites. I love the side shot of your top and skirt!!! SO pretty!!!
    Much Love,


    1. I highly recommend them! They’re all over the place, now, too, so I wouldn’t think it’d be too hard to find one. 🙂