Things of Note:

There’s still time to enter my Shabby Apple $50 giveaway!

I got another letter from my Lovely Letters penpal! Yay! It’s a good long one, too. 🙂 I’ll be writing a reply this week on my new stationery (she got new stationery, too – funny how letter-writing makes you want pretty paper goods).

Giveaway winners: your known & mystery prizes have officially been sent out! Watch the mail this week.

We were out of sweet tea yesterday morning, so I had to start my day with apple juice instead. It just wasn’t the same, and I felt off all day. I restocked last night, so this morning is back on track.

Conundrum: I would like to start walking the puppy first thing in the morning every day, BUT it’s so hot out even then, I would need a shower afterwards for sure. But I need a shower beforehand to feel fit for public. I don’t want neighbors to potentially see me all greasy icky, but I don’t want to have to shower twice in the space of an hour either. I feel this will probably be solved in the end by an ever elegant baseball cap.

Speaking of dog walking, we took the puppy in a different direction than we normally go on our walk the other night, and discovered a previously unknown shortcut to the nearby shopping center. Wherein resides my beloved Pita Fusion. That’s right. I can walk there. Easily. This might just revolutionize my lunchtime routine (and my bank account balance).

I know I said I was sticking to pillows for sewing projects for awhile, but I have this dress that I want to turn into a shirt because of some holes I didn’t notice when I swapped for it. I think this will be fairly easy, or at least manageable. I just trim to the length I want (above the holes!) and hem, yes?