Food Ordering Habits

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It could be said that I’m a picky eater (and I can imagine my mom just crowed in laughter at that understatement). I am a LOT better than I used to be as a kid, for sure, but I still tend to find something I like and just stick to that. I don’t mind trying crazy/new things out every once in awhile (and I’ve tried some weird things), but trying doesn’t equal liking. There are things I just plain can’t stand and no amount of making me try it yet again will change that. And there are things I love with abandon and can eat repeatedly without getting sick of them. For everyday eating I’m pretty set in my preferences. I do find I’m more willing to try new things when eating at home than out at restaurants because a) I’m not always sure exactly what went into something on the menu, and/or b) I don’t like paying money for something that I won’t like & will leave me needing another meal after because I couldn’t eat it. I also have pretty sensitive taste buds, so if there are too many flavors going on in one dish, I probably won’t like it. If I’m at home obviously I know what went into it and I can try it and then make something else if it bombed. Italian restaurants are probably the only places I regularly try something new; I love pasta, and there are so many yummy combinations. Sidenote: I was going to heat up my leftovers from Carino’s for lunch today, and realized I forgot my box at the restaurant last night. Boo!

But otherwise, when we go out to eat or I go out to grab lunch, if it’s some place I’ve already been, chances are I’ve already figured out my favorite/usual order. Here’s some of my regular orders:

Pita Fusion: Turkey on white pita, with romaine, tomatoes, pickles, cheddar cheese, and non-spicy avocado. Every time. Love it.

Torchy’s Tacos: I’m a sucker for their breakfast tacos. Bacon, egg & potato on flour tortilla. No cheese or sauce. Yummy.

Casa Garcias (our favorite Mexican place): Carne guisada, no beans, extra rice, flour tortillas.

Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse (or any coffeehouse, really): Hot chai tea latte. If I’m hungry, accompanied by a strawberry danish or banana bread.

Taco Bell: It varies on what I order to eat, but I always order a mango-strawberry Fruitista Freeze to drink. Those things are amazing.

Wendy’s: A number 8 combo – homestyle chicken sandwich, no mayo, with fries and a lemonade.

Flix Brewhouse (while watching the movie): I’ve tried a few different things here, but generally settle on the chicken fingers & fries with ketchup.

Chinese Delivery: Chicken lo mein and fried pork dumplings.

Pizza: If I’m ordering for myself, it’s ham, tomatoes & extra cheese. If with Ian, it’s extra cheese and sausage, with mushrooms on his half.

Any kind of Steakhouse: Filet mignon (when available) or sirloin, medium, with mashed potatoes and veggies.

Out at the Bar: Amaretto sours, and keep ’em coming. Don’t even think about handing me a beer, or un-asked-for shot.

How about you, readers? Any orders you find yourself getting again and again? Recovering picky eaters like me? 😉


  1. I love this! This is so the way I live life too! I was extra, extra picky when I was little and I’ve made progress in life. I mean, I had a salad for lunch today, that would have never happened a few years ago. However it’s still a struggle, I am constantly forcing myself to eat veggies and fruit (I’m way better about the fruit). Here’s a short list of my foods!

    Noodles and Company-Mac and cheese with parmesan chicken OR Japanese pan noodles with parm chicken (I expand my options due to a catering situation where there was no mac and cheese).

    Felt (a pool hall we go to often)-grilled cheese and fries (how many places can you get a grilled cheese that isn’t on the kids menu?)

    Wendy’s (before I gave up fast food)-Number 10 (now 11 I believe) nuggets and fries

    Any mexican restaurant-smoothed bean burrito

    Pizza-pepperoni (there is the occasional bbq chicken when I’m sharing with my sister).

    And so many more, but I can’t think of them right now! Good to know I’m not alone!

    1. There’s a comedy club here that servers grilled cheese and fries – I was pumped when I saw that on the menu! Far too often it’s only a kids option. 🙂

      Thanks for chiming in! Glad to know I’m not alone in the picky eating world. (I also rarely do salads – and if there’s dressing on it, forget about it).

    1. My boyfriend is one of the least picky eaters ever, too, so dining options usually fall to me as the decider, since I’m the picky one. He doesn’t complain, though – he can eat pretty much anything, haha.