Meet Ester!

Ester Durães

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My name is Ester and I am an 19-year-old girl born in France but currently living in Portugal. I am an International Relations college student who has a big passion for drawing and arts. I decided to start my blog to share my artwork but, being the creative person I am, I immediatly realised that wouldn’t be enough to fullfil my blogger-life. I decided to start sharing a bit more of myself and that’s what defines my blog, ‘Drawing Dreaming’, a mix of my artistic creations with the dreamer I am and always will be, the person who needs to express herself not only through traditional art but also through food, make-up and mostly fashion… pretty much anything that inspires me!

How would you describe your art style? Realistic and detailed for sure. I can’t help but aiming to achieve hyper-realism with my portraits as long as to keep my artistic passion for working on details.

Ester and a few of her drawings.

What are you reading right now?: Right now I’m reading ‘A Storm of Swords’ from George R. R. Martin.

What is your favorite recipe to cook? I’d say I’m quite obssessed with baking ‘pastéis de nata‘, a portuguese pastery.

Any hidden talents? My biggest talent is drawing but I couldn’t say it would count as I do not hide it. Maybe my big tendency for learning new languages!

Your order at a coffee shop is: Definitely a ‘galão‘, a sort of portuguese latte.