You may have noticed this lady rocking out in my sidebar this past month. Get to know her a bit more below, and go say hi! 🙂

Houtz House Party
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I love to share the daily crazy here with lots of photos and stories about our little family. I also share favorite recipes, “fashiony” things as I learn them (that is like starting from square ONE for me, let me just WARN you now!) and my ever evolving faith in Jesus journey. I am learning that I blog for 2 reasons: 1) To freeze the tiny moments of this life in time for my children and for me when God forbid I get old and senile! 2) To build up and promote the loveliness of the women I meet in this blog world. You are each a GIFT to me and I want everyone to know that!!!

What are you reading right now?
The bible & a lot of dr seuss.
Any hidden talents?
I can totally make my nostrils stick together by sucking in with my nose really hard! Eh? Maybe, albeit a bit interesting right?
Your order at a coffee shop is:
Nonfat vanilla cappuccino.