Also, This awesome poster with my favorite New Years toast:



Things of Note:

There are a few new things up in the Dragonflight Dreams shop with more to come this week, and whole boatload of things up in my Shop My Closet. I’m also working on the next design for the shop, which should be ready later this week for the reveal.

I tried to make a buttermilk chess pie over the weekend, and it was a total failure. Having garnered some tips from Twitter peeps, I’m going to try again this coming weekend. Wish me luck.

Apparently there was some miscommunication between me and Ian about whether the walls in our house can be painted by yours truly. I thought all walls were off limits; he just didn’t want me to paint over the one wall in the living room that has the sponge texture because he likes it (also the only wall in our house that isn’t just plain white). Ensue instant home decorating brain frenzy.