Top Knots & Nothings

I had a whole different post planned for today. But work kind of exploded this week, and I simply didn’t have time to put it together. Nothing bad happened, but summer is generally my slow time, though you wouldn’t know it from this past week. Old projects I thought clients had abandoned popping back up, lots of potential new clients wanting quotes, every single client I was waiting on for the next step all getting back to me at the same time… it’s just been a bit overwhelming. It’s a common misconception that self-employed people work less hours than those with a standard salaried job; in truth, I think we work more, because we literally have to do everything ourselves, and don’t need to waste time with company meetings and the like. Anyway, my point is, I’m a bit burnt out after this week and just want to do something non-computery for awhile, so the planned post topic will have to wait.

On the upside (ha), I think I’ve finally managed a decent top knot bun. Witness:

Also playing with filters in Photo Booth.

Ok, so it’s pretty messy, and maybe more knot than top, but this is the closest I’ve been able to manage and I’m going to cling to my meager victory for everything it’s worth.

Tonight is just some time with the boy, and then tomorrow we’re hosting an Old Hollywood movie night, which will be awesome because I love movies from that era. Sunday there’s another clothing swap event I might go to depending on my energy level. But overall, a pretty low-key weekend, which is just what I need.

What are you all up to this weekend?


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