Joining up with the lovely Noël for the Love It/Hate It link-up.



I love cold refreshing beverages and ice cream and milkshakes.
I hate the brain freeze headache I usually get from consuming them too fast.

I love doing design work.
I hate that I sometimes have to ruin it in bowing to client demands in order to still get a paycheck.

I love reading.
I hate reading a really great book only to realize the rest of the series isn’t published yet.

I love trying new recipes out in the kitchen.
I hate when the totally fail and I’m left hungry, needing to cook another [edible] meal.

I love getting packages and real letters in the mail.
I hate junk mail.

I love flying.
I hate that I have to do so in a plane. I want wings of my own.

I love rain at night when I’m trying to sleep – very soothing.
I hate rain during the day when I need to be out and about and driving.

I love clothes.
I hate the completely inconsistent sizing in women’s clothes from brand to brand.

I love living with Ian and being with him.
I hate the ridiculous hours Samsung makes him work.

I love my family.
I hate that they are scattered around the country and far away.

I love lacy things.
I hate that they snag and fray so easily.

I love working for myself.
I hate the irregularity of paychecks.

I love dragons.
I hate that they are not real. How could would it be if they were?


  1. Amanda this is so so so great. I love your image at the top. Did you design that? Your list is so great there are so many that I can totally relate to, for sure the brain freeze. And argh… totally feel your pain with the new recipes. I once made a chicken lemon meal that was just awful. My poor brother ate the whole thing but my husband was like, “Umm… nope I just can’t do it” It was an EPIC fail. Inconsistent sizing for women’s clothes is so irritating ! And I have often thought about the dragons/dinosaur thing and I in the end I think it’s probably good thing that they are not still around (well dragons never were although some dinosaurs kinda fit that bill) because if they were we all probably wouldn’t co-exist very well. But maybe we could train them… like the cute kids movie…. How to Train A Dragon. I’m assuming you must have seen this movie? Thanks so much for linking up. It really means a lot to me.

    1. Thanks! No, sadly, I didn’t design the top image. I found it on Pinterest, and the original source can be found through the ‘via’ link underneath it.

      Epic cooking failures are the worst. It’s just so frustrating, all that effort and no edible results (though, like your brother, my boyfriend will pretty much eat anything). Especially when you don’t know what went wrong!

      Yes, I have seen How to Train Your Dragon, and love it! Pretty much anything with dragons, I’ve likely seen. 🙂

  2. I’m so with you on the design thing. I especially hate when a client thinks they know what they want, but I know before I even start that they’re going to hate it because there’s no possible way to make it look good… but I have to do it anyway. And then they’re like, “Yeah… I changed my mind.”
    Sorry for that long tangent.
    And I think it would be AWESOME if dragons were real.

    1. It’s so frustrating when clients have NO sense of good design, but feel like they need to request ‘little’ tweaks and changes just so they feel they had a hand in it, and those ‘little’ changes ruin the whole thing. Bah. It’s grumpy-making.

      And hurray another member of the dragon fan club! 🙂

  3. I love your list! Especially getting real packages and letters in the mail! Being an adult sucks! haha And cute blog too! I also subscribed:)