This originally appeared as a guest post over on The Streeters Unlimited.


As you know, readers, I live in the great state of Texas. Texas is a lot of things, some good and some not so good. But one thing not up for debate is that Texas summers are HOT. 100+ degree days are the norm here. So it’s understandable that I’m always on the look out for creative ways to keep me and my loved ones cool during the summer. Today I thought I’d share some of those with you.

Fun with Ice Cubes

No, I’m not going to advocate laying in a pile of ice cubes like the dog above. Instead, here’s some new things to do with ice cubes:

Make Your Own Frozen Treats

Because, let’s be honest, summer is the prime time for all things ice cream. 🙂

Non-Edible Cooling Tricks

Tips for keeping cool that don’t involve stuffing your face. 😉

What are your favorite ways to keep cool?