Tuesday 10: Wishlist

Joining up with Paige and Lena for the Tuesday 10. This week’s topic is a wishlist. Whether for Christmas or my birthday or just because or farther in the future, here are some things I’m wishing for:

Nikon lenses

1. A macro lens and telephoto lens for my camera, to supplement the standard lens I have now.

A new car.

2. A new car. I’ve been quite happy with my Elantra, so I would probably get another of those – NEW, not used (and certainly not previously owned by a smoker). I love the purple color they had a few years ago, but they don’t offer that on the new models, so I’d go with the above deep blue.


3. I would love to eventually live in a house where I could have a room with a wall completely dedicated to bookshelves.


4. I would also eventually love to have room enough for a real piano, instead of the electronic keyboard I make do with now.


5. Some sort of vertical garden installation would be cool, whether edible/herby things, or just succulents.

Kitchenaid Mixer

6. Some kind of stand mixer for the kitchen to take over the the handheld mixer I have now.


7. This awesome mug.

Fun shorts.

8. Some crochet or lace shorts, and some colored shorts. I just have regular khaki and jean shorts at present.


9. A Wacom tablet with a good-sized active drawing area (this one is 12 x 8).


10. Harvey Prince Ageless perfume. I got a sample of this in my Birchbox a few months back, and LOVE it. I don’t care if it’s supposed to ‘disguise the familiar scent of age,’ (sidenote: wtf?), I just like how it smells.


  1. That cup is just, well its just to cute for words!! OMG 🙂

    stopping by from adayinthelifeofmektt.blogspot.com to show some love!