Christmas in July

This past month I signed up for the Christmas in July gift swap hosted by the amazing Alyx. She paired me up with Noël for the swap, and let me just say, how appropriate is my swap partner’s name for this? Haha. We traded emails and mailing addresses and vague gift ideas, then went to town. Head on over to Noël’s home on the web to see what I sent to her. Below is what she sent to me.

My package from Noël.

The cheerily wrapped goodies, and a nice note.

Fun gifts from my swap partner

She got me: two books I haven’t read before (yay!), a polka dot scarf, polka dot earrings, and some yummy smelling lotion. The books are now on my to-read list, and I’ve already been using up the lotion (though, funny story, since the bottle says ‘body creme’ I wasn’t sure at first if it was lotion or body wash, but after a test run I determined it was indeed lotion).

I was very happy with my surprise package, and have made a new bloggy friend. 🙂 Always the best outcome you can hope for from a mystery gift swap.

In other Christmas in July type news, my shop will be participating in Danielle’s huge Christmas in July sale this coming Thursday and Friday. A whole bunch of shops have signed up to offer special deals – everything is discounted and with free shipping. You’ll need to be a fan of her Facebook page to see all of the cool items shops have offered up, and to get in on the shopping action. My shop specifically will be up on Friday the 27th.

ALSO (I know, there’s more!) you can get 20% off ANYTHING in my Etsy shop with the code XMASJULY, now through August 15th. That includes custom orders, so don’t miss out!


  1. A Christmas in July swap sounds awesome. Don’t you just love getting little gifts in the mail?! I really enjoy reading your blog- Thanks-sarah

  2. Amanda the greatest gift from this for me was without a doubt getting paired up with YOU. Thank you again for such a fun swap.

  3. So glad you got some books that you haven’t read yet! and that scarf is so cute!! Thanks for participating and linking up!

  4. That sounds so fun! I hope that I can participate in something like this next time around or when the holidays come around this year! How fun! 🙂

    1. I think there’s always a blogger gift swap of some sort or another going on, just keep your ear to Twitter. 😉