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I love online shopping. A lot. Almost more than I love in-store shopping at Target, if that gives you an appropriate sense of scale. But I have a few trips and other things I want to save up for, and so the time has come. I am going on a shopping hiatus. No more shopping for me, for at least a month and very possibly longer.

Which means, dear readers and internet friends, I will have to live vicariously through your shopping adventures during this time. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite online stops, now at your disposal if you’ve got a shopping itch to scratch. And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I do get perks if you sign up/shop through the links below (noted for each link). It doesn’t count as breaking my shopping hiatus if I just spend store credit from friend sign-ups, right? 😉

Cool Boutiques

Online shops with loads of personality.

  • ModCloth – LOVE this place, lots of fabulous retro-inspired clothing. Bonus: We BOTH get $10 if you create an account & purchase through this link (shop credit for me, $10 discount on your order for you)
  • Shabby Apple – one of my favorite affiliates. They aim to “make women feel feminine and beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare.” Disclosure: I will earn a 5% commission if you make a purchase within 15 days of following my link.
  • eShakti – Cute clothes customizable to your exact size! Disclosure: I will earn a 10% commission if you make a purchase within 30 days of following my link.


Sale Showcases

Limited-time super sales on big name brand items, usually requiring an invite.

  • ideeli – one of my favorites. Disclosure: I receive $25 shop credit for every person who signs up through my link & makes a purchase.
  • HauteLook – a close second favorite. Disclosure: I receive $10 shop credit for every person who signs up through my link & makes a purchase.
  • Rue La LaDisclosure: I receive $10 shop credit for every person who signs up through my link & makes a purchase.
  • – focuses more on cooly designed items than brand names. Disclosure: I get $30 shop credit for every 10 friends who sign up through my link.


Subscription Boxes

  • Birchbox – Only $10 a month, and 5-6 wonderful goodies each month. Disclosure: I get 50 Birchbox points for every friend referred (the equivalent of $5 shop credit).
  • Stitch Fix – A little more pricey if you decide to keep anything, but fun to have a personal shopper/stylist. Disclosure: I will receive $25 shop credit for each friend who signs up and schedules a fix through this link.


Everything Else

  • Ebates – earn cash back rebates on hundreds of popular stores, simply by clicking through from this site. Pretty awesome, and not a scam – I’ve gotten checks from them already. Disclosure: I will receive $5 added to my cash back total for every friend referred.

I would ask what your favorite places to shop online are, but that would likely tempt me out of my hiatus! I’ll ask once said hiatus is over. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the above!


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