What I Wore: Polka Dot Lounging

Oh, no big deal, just hanging out in my *polka dot shorts*

Yes, that’s right. My polka dot obsession has reached a new high – polka dot denim shorts! Found these at Kohl’s the other week, and fell in love. They’re lightweight, a great color combo, the perfect length… it was meant to be.

And, um, related to that, welcome to my legs. I know I just said the other day I have issues with my legs and so likely wouldn’t be posting pics of me in shorts, etc. Obviously these shorts were so awesome I had to judiciously choose which pics to post break that taboo. And play with filters again. Never say I’m not adventurous. 😀

So. A simple outfit, I know, but I was just working around the house today, no errands to run or meetings or anything. I tend to go loungy-comfortable when that’s the case, as witnessed here. It is date night tonight, though, and Ian’s turn to pick where we eat. Depending on the destination, I might (will probably) switch out the leather flip flops for some cute wedges, and throw some kind of extra layer on over the top. Sit-down place = class up the outfit. Quick place = revel in the flip flops. These are my go-to equations for dining out, haha.

All in all, not a bad start to August (speaking of, check out the new peeps in my sidebar!). How’d your first day of August go?

A little bit of contrapposto.

Careful steps and cascading tops.

Pondering other ways to wear these awesome shorts.

Close up.

I wish this hadn’t turned out blurry!


Unfiltered, for your viewing pleasure.


Colors: Denim Blue, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Moss Green (in ring and pendant)

Shorts: Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Denim Shorts, from Kohl’s (nabbed them on super-sale, cheaper than on web)
Top: Michael Stars Twist Front Tank in Vanilla, from ideeli.com
Sandals: Groove Adele Thong Sandals from HauteLook
Necklace: A gift from my big sis a long time ago
Ring: from Another World Design
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