What I Wore: Polka Dot Lounging

Oh, no big deal, just hanging out in my *polka dot shorts*

Yes, that’s right. My polka dot obsession has reached a new high – polka dot denim shorts! Found these at Kohl’s the other week, and fell in love. They’re lightweight, a great color combo, the perfect length… it was meant to be.

And, um, related to that, welcome to my legs. I know I just said the other day I have issues with my legs and so likely wouldn’t be posting pics of me in shorts, etc. Obviously these shorts were so awesome I had to judiciously choose which pics to post break that taboo. And play with filters again. Never say I’m not adventurous. 😀

So. A simple outfit, I know, but I was just working around the house today, no errands to run or meetings or anything. I tend to go loungy-comfortable when that’s the case, as witnessed here. It is date night tonight, though, and Ian’s turn to pick where we eat. Depending on the destination, I might (will probably) switch out the leather flip flops for some cute wedges, and throw some kind of extra layer on over the top. Sit-down place = class up the outfit. Quick place = revel in the flip flops. These are my go-to equations for dining out, haha.

All in all, not a bad start to August (speaking of, check out the new peeps in my sidebar!). How’d your first day of August go?

A little bit of contrapposto.

Careful steps and cascading tops.
Pondering other ways to wear these awesome shorts.
Close up.

I wish this hadn’t turned out blurry!

Unfiltered, for your viewing pleasure.


Colors: Denim Blue, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Moss Green (in ring and pendant)

Shorts: Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Denim Shorts, from Kohl’s (nabbed them on super-sale, cheaper than on web)
Top: Michael Stars Twist Front Tank in Vanilla, from ideeli.com
Sandals: Groove Adele Thong Sandals from HauteLook
Necklace: A gift from my big sis a long time ago
Ring: from Another World Design
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  1. Those shorts are adorable! Your legs are totally gorgeous too!
    I am also really self-conscious about my legs. I will rarely go bare-legged and it’s practically unheard of for me to post pictures of my pins on the blog. At the beginning of this year, I decided to kick my self-consciousness in the junk. I’ve really embraced shorts and mini skirts, and I’ve posted several bare-legged pictures of myself now. Well done you for jumping on the body love bandwagon!

    1. Aw, thank you!

      I know what you mean. I kind of realized that people in general aren’t analyzing my legs as closely as I do, and wouldn’t be close enough to really see all of the things that bother me (there’s some mild cellulite, etc.), so am trying to embrace more shorts and shorter skirts this summer. I’m also working on toning up my legs, just to come at it from that angle as well. Hopefully I’ll meet myself in the middle. 🙂