What I Wore: Maxi Stripes

Stripes: only slightly less of an obsession than polka dots and lace. This has been my favorite maxi dress this summer. It’s so soft and breezy, and just plain easy to wear. This is what I wore yesterday around the house, out running errands, and then to a friend’s birthday happy hour gathering. So I can testify to the fact that it is equally comfy when lounging in A/C on the couch, or sipping sangria outside on a patio. Also, I think I’ve finally mastered the messy bun look. 😀

That happy hour was the extent of my definite plans this weekend. For the rest, I plan on lots of reading, hanging out with Ian, maybe watching a movie or two, and also trying my hand at some necklace-making.

What is everyone else up to this weekend?







Colors: Navy, Light Grey, Black, Tan

Dress: Andrea Jovine Variegated Stripe Maxi Dress, on super sale from ideeli.com
Belt: Taken from another dress I own
Shoes: The Bria sandal from Blowfish Shoes
Necklace: From Mama’s Nest Designs
Bracelet: c/o Whispering Sweet Nothings


  1. Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a brand new follower! I absolutely love that dress and it looks awesome on you! I did not take advantage of summer styles this year, but I am really looking forward to the fall 🙂