This past month I participated in the Summer Time Arm Party gift swap hosted by Leonora & Ilene, and it might have been the most fun I’ve had doing a swap to date. 🙂 As the name of the swap would suggest, this swap was all about bracelets. When you signed up, you had to include some favorite colors and your wrist size, and then the two hosts paired everyone up. The idea was to make a bracelet for your swap partner – using any DIY method you wanted, or even making more than one. If your crafty efforts fell through, you could always just buy a pre-made bracelet as well.

I got paired up with Kassie from K + J = Love, and had a lot of fun making her a custom friendship bracelet. She listed her favorite colors as pink, yellow, and blue, so I incorporated those. I found a cool bronze chain and a bunch of colored leather strips matching what she wanted, and went to town. The pink leather got woven through the bronze links, and then that strand was braided together with the yellow and blue leather. I made it long enough to wrap around her wrist a few times. To finish it off, I added a bronze K charm. Go hop on over to her place to see how it turned out!

Then I eagerly awaited her package to me. This is what I got:

What I first saw when I opened the box.


The goods – yes, plural!

Yeah, she sent me a bunch! Kassie had tried to make a bracelet, but I guess it just didn’t work out, and so she sent me these instead. And you know? Totally fine! I love them, particularly the beaded wire cuff. It actually fits my wrist! I’ve already worn it a few times. I like the other set of bangles as well, though as usual with un-adjustable bracelets, they are a bit too big for me and slide up to my elbows almost (I have tiny wrists, I guess?). If I wear one at a time, it’s fine, but wearing that whole set and having them all sliding back and forth all day would drive me nuts. 🙂 Regardless, they are still cool and right up my alley, style-wise. Thanks, Kassie!

Sporting my new arm parties!