Join Me?

If you’re interested in joining me in September – and I hope you do, I have a great month planned with 30 Lists, a poem a day goal, getting back to cooking, more shop and sewing stuff, etc! – here are the options for you to choose from:

ALL SPONSORS will receive shout-outs on Twitter, the option to participate in a group giveaway (promo’d on Facebook and Twitter), the option to offer a coupon code, and a big ol’ thank you from me. 😉

A limited number of free button swaps are available each month; specific size swapped is up to my discretion. Email me for more info on swaps.

I do reserve the right to refuse a sponsor request if I feel your site is not a good fit for mine, or not something I want to be associated with. Also, if you do not respond to my sponsor questionnaire, you won’t be included in a sponsor post! I can’t spend all my time hunting down sponsor answers.


  1. I just applied for the medium ad space through Passionfruit! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while and I’d be happy to support you if the spot’s still available 🙂