Five Things Friday


1. It’s amazing how productive a day can be when you get solid sleep at night. I’ve slept great all week, and I’ve gotten so much done! Quite an unusual state of affairs for this insomniac.

2. Part of my trip back home involved helping my mom go through a bunch of stuff she got from my grandma’s house. End result: I came back to Texas with a ton of new-to-me cooking and decorative stuff. This entailed a new blue speckled roaster, cast iron dutch oven, a make-your-own whip cream set, vases, a wooden picture frame my grandpa made… etc etc. I’m in the process of trying to find a place for it all in our house. Until then it is all kind of occupying the pool table.

This is only half of it.


3. I am trying to start starting a new fitness regimen. I’m going to have one day focused on leg workout & toning (Mondays), one day focused on arm workout & toning (Wednesdays), and one core/general day (Fridays) each week. I’m giving myself a recovery break day in between each one in hopes that I don’t get too ouchy sore all over and get scared off of getting in shape. To this end, I went and bought myself some hand weights and a tension cord today (already have my yoga mat and exercise ball).

The means for my torture.


4. Weekend projects: to paint the screen for the new owl design. I also have an idea involving a currently ugly dress, bleach, and fabric crayons that I may try out this weekend as well.

5. We had plans to go river tubing this weekend, until we realized it’s Labor Day weekend, and will be SUPER CROWDED. No thanks. That’s not relaxing. No other back-up plans yet, but Ian does have Monday off, so I’m sure we’ll do something. 🙂 Meanwhile, here’s a cute picture of Sienna and my mom’s dog Ozzy being travel buddies last week:

Up close and personal.

Happy weekend! What are all of you up to?


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