Sunday Confessions

1. I’m not sure this comes across in everyday posting (ok, maybe a little, just given the name of my blog), but I am a huge geek. As is the boy. Like, we bonded over playing World of Warcraft together when we first started dating. And, I still play The Sims 3 (though, admittedly, largely for the house-building and decorating. Ok, and maybe creating ridiculously complex family trees). And, I always have a library membership but have never had a gym membership. And, there are not enough bookshelves in our house to hold all of the sci-fi and fantasy books I own/want to own. As I’m writing this, the boy is downstairs playing a video game on OnLive, the controller for which was a birthday gift from me. And later today we are going to the Dragon’s Lair, a comic/game shop here in Austin. We revel in our geekness.

2. It has been a good week for my shop. I finished a new design, and sold two shirts (two! in the same week!). I also opened a Storenvy as my second store front, so Dragonflight Dreams duds are available more places. I also sold a dress and a top from my shop my closet listings. AND I’ve got three clothing swaps shipping out this coming week, too. Ok, so this wasn’t really a confession, but I was excited about all of it. Commerce!

3. Kind of in line with geeky point #1, but I used to write poetry. A LOT. I filled journals and journals worth, and even had a book put together. But since leaving college, my poetry writing has really tapered off. And I miss it. That’s why one of my 28-Before-28 goals was to have a month where I write one poem per day. And that is this month. If you care to keep track of my progress, you can do so here. I can’t guarantee they’ll be any good, of course, but at least I’ll be writing.

4. I really wish Ian would allow Sienna up on the couch so I could cuddle with her. I do sometimes let her up on the bed (on top of the covers, of course) to cuddle when I take a nap, but that is rare and only when he’s not home. Shh, don’t tell.

5. I really need to do a big clean-out of our pantry. Both to get rid of things that have gone stale, and to make room for all the cookery loot I got from Ohio. I told myself I was going to do that this weekend. But now it’s the weekend and I really just want to hang out in my pajamas and relax. Because a clean-out on that scale is just plain daunting (it’s a walk-in pantry).

6. Some inconsiderate jerk in the neighborhood has decided that 7am on the weekends is a good time to be really noisy. I’m not sure what the noise is. A bb gun? Nail gun? Potato cannon? It varies in tone and loudness, but it is LOUD (sometimes so much that I can feel it in my breastbone, like fireworks) and just sporadic enough that there’s no discernible pattern to get used to and ignore. And it has started at 7am yesterday and today, and woke me up both times. And then prevented me from getting back to sleep. But if I go outside, I can’t really tell which direction it’s coming from, to help track down this person and smack them. I shouldn’t have said anything about sleeping well this week in my last post, because I’ve very obviously jinxed it. For contrast, Ian was going to do yardwork this morning, and then looked at the clock and realized it was only 8:45 and said he needed to wait an hour to mow. Because he is a considerate neighbor and doesn’t do annoying noisy things early in the morning. Ok, so this isn’t a confession either, but I needed to vent.

How’s your long weekend going?


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