Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Hmm, a lot of sex/gender-related things on the list today. Does that mean I had all that on the brain this past week, or the internet was more full of such stories than usual? Hard to tell…

Anyway. Hi! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend (and for non-US people, just a good weekend + Monday). I don’t really have much to report. We had a nice relaxing weekend. I’m back to work today, but not overwhelmed, so that’s nice. It’s still 100+ degrees outside, and I’m kind of over it. If we could get down to the 80-85 range sometime soon, that’d be ideal. Finishing up the owl screen after finishing this post, and it’s almost done so that won’t take long (there was a slight mishap/slip of attention while painting the first screen this weekend, and I had to start over yesterday). And I have something amazing-smelling bubbling in the crock pot, the recipe for which will appear later this week. Assuming it turns out as edible as it smells, of course.

How are all you fine folks?