30 Days of Lists: Fictional Places I’d Like to Live

My choices for today’s 30 Days of Lists prompt. I quite liked this topic! I don’t have a pretty picture of a fancy notebook (since I’m not keeping one), but I did find some maps of said fictional places.

1. Terre d’Ange (Jacqueline Carey)

The regions of Terre d’Ange. Via.

2. Dragaera (Steven Brust)

3. Pern (Anne McCaffrey)

The world of Pern. Via.

4. The Six Duchies (Robin Hobb)

Map of the Six Duchies. Via.

5. The Enchanted Forest (Patricia Wrede)

6. D’ni (Myst/Rand & Robin Miller)

A map of the city of D’ni. Via.

7. Onboard the Serenity (Firefly/Joss Whedon)

8. Earthsea (Ursula Le Guin)

The islands of Earthsea. Via.

9. Thursday Next’s England (Jasper Fforde)

10. Ephemera (Anne Bishop)

I could actually have come up with more like 25, but I had to limit it somewhere. Where would you live in fiction?


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