What I Wore: Date Night

Just add maxi dresses to the ever-growing list of my sartorial obsessions.

This is what I wore yesterday for date night (and just during the day, too). A comfy, one-piece outfit in a great color combo? Sold and sold. I normally don’t like the blouson affect on myself, because the waist usually hits at a weird spot. But this one hits perfectly! The fact that it is super soft and slightly silky doesn’t hurt.

It was the boy’s choice for date night last night, and we ended up going to a place called VooDoo BBQ & Grill that just opened up near us. For some reason, in my head I had pegged this as a Mongolian BBQ type joint, which it most definitely is not. It’s a New Orleans/Cajun themed place. The name really should’ve clued me in, but oh well. This ended up being a good thing, since I wasn’t really in the mood for Asian food. A big juicy burger and Cajun fries for this girl.

Also, it had one of these fancy soda machines, which the boy had told me about but I had never encountered before. I’m not sure what the big deal is. It’s still just a soda machine, fancy touch-screen aside.

What have you guys been up to this week?


Colors: Teal, Medium Grey, White

Dress: S.H.E. Striped Blouson Waist Maxi Dress, on super-sale from ideeli.
Shoes: Colin Stuart white thong sandals.
Necklace: I made it.
Ring: I’ve had this for ages, I think I got it in NYC.
Sunglasses: Same as always.
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