1. It’s October, which means new sponsors (check them out in the sidebar) and lots of awesome things but mostly: it’s my birthday month! It should be good times here on the blog. I sat down with my planner yesterday and plotted out some fun stuff, and started thinking about goals for the next year too.

2. I’ve been printing up a storm, and new things should be hitting the shop later this week. Including more owls and more long-sleeved items.

3. I do a little mini-series on Instagram called Today’s Color Combo where I share snapshots of interesting/fun color and pattern combinations that I wear. The lovely Tricia commented on one of them, and sparked the idea of doing color/mood boards. And being me and a designer who loves playing with color, I’m running with the idea. So I am now doing Color Inspiration boards on Pinterest. The first of the boards is here: Yellow. Next up is Purple.

4. Added a bunch more little social media icons in the sidebar, in case Twitter and Facebook weren’t enough. 😉

5. I successfully completed my one-poem-a-day writing challenge. You can check out the results here. No guarantees that they’re any good, and no judging that the 30 is liberally sprinkled with haikus. 😛

6. I got these boots in the mail today, and I’m pretty stinkin excited about them.

How’s the start of your week going?