Five Things Friday

1. La Fresh Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover. Yeah, quite a mouthful, huh? I got a sample of these in my latest Birchbox. The directions said simply “Gently press the pad into each nail, and watch your chipped polish dissolve”. I was skeptical. The pad is not all that big, so would it really remove polish on all 10 nails? The answer: YES and I LOVED it. Enough so that I bought the full-size version. No more awkward using Q-tips and Kleenex and harsh-smelling polish remover. These things are so quick, and it smells great (spiced orange), and it left my toes feeling great. Definitely a convert here.

2. This GoodReads widget. While over on Literary Inklings, I saw she had somehow embedded a GoodReads ‘Add to My Books’ button for all of her book reviews. It was super handy, and I wondered how she’d done it. Some Googling revealed the widget she used, and I’m going to be adding this to all of my book review posts soon.

3. I have absolutely no plans for my birthday later this month, aside from Ian taking me out to dinner. I kind of want there to be some sort of event with friends, but usually the only way that happens is if I plan something myself, and I just don’t feel like it. The last thing I want is to be stressed out over playing hostess on my birthday. But at least Ian will be in the same country as me this year! This will be the fourth birthday I’ve had since we’ve been together, but the last two times he was in Korea for work. Last year especially was a bit lame because not only did Ian leave the day before my birthday, but my mom had been visiting and had to leave the morning of my birthday, which means I spent my birthday alone at home. Whomp whomp. So even if it’s a quiet birthday again, at least I’ll get to spend it with Ian. 🙂

4. I confess, I’ve skipped this week’s workouts. The ladyparts were vehemently NOT in the mood to be bent and twisted and stretched. So aside from arm workout today, it’s been a no-workout week. I’ll pick it up again next week when the ladyparts have settled.

5. I got this book on final sale and am trying to decide what to make first. I’m thinking the skirt. I have a bunch of different pretty fabrics I could use (bought months ago, and just sitting there since – I’m indecisive).

And with that, yay Friday and happy weekend! What will you guys be up to?


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