Tuesday 10: Pet Peeves

Linking up for the Tuesday 10 with Lena! This week’s theme was pet peeves, so here are 10 things that tick me off:

  1. Bad drivers. Particularly people who don’t use their turn signals but still expect to be let into my lane, and people who cut me off.
  2. Having a client call me on the phone and take up 15 minutes of my time with small talk for something trivial and simple that they could have put in an email in like 1 minute, and I could’ve read the email AND done whatever the trivial thing was in the time they instead had me on the phone.
  3. Blinds/curtains being open when it’s dark outside with lights on inside. No.
  4. Restaurants where all their dishes have crazy food combinations, but yet they don’t let you request than an item not be included (i.e. no mushrooms or whatever)
  5. Clients not paying on time.
  6. People giving out design tips or Photoshop tips when it’s clear they don’t really know what they’re doing or talking about.
  7. Having to explain, over and over and over again for my job, the difference between web quality and print quality and why you can’t just resize your 400px wide photo to fill a 8.5″ x 11″ page without crazy loss of quality. World and potential clients, can’t you all just learn this already? Related to that, just having to repeat myself in general.
  8. People who expect you to make every effort to attend any event they plan (with enthusiasm!) even if it’s not your thing, yet constantly flake on events that you plan.
  9. People being late to events where time is an issue (i.e. a reservation at a restaurant where they won’t seat you until the whole party is there).
  10. The pervasive and depressing misuse of the English language by people whose native language it’s supposed to be. Particularly in instances where someone uses a word like ‘peek’ instead of ‘pique’ or ‘bear’ instead of ‘bare,’ etc.

What are some of your pet peeves?


  1. I agree with all of your list. Related to Photoshop. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone Photoshop’s a photo so much you can’t identify who the person is. I had a friend who would do this. She would make her daughters skin lighter, give her highlights, take away her birthmark and change the color of her eyes. After about three months of seeing pictures of the kid, I asked who it was. It was her daughter and I knew her personally. We just went to dinner together. I just wonder how her daughter is going to react looking back at all the Photoshop photos.

    1. What?! Seriously? Who does that? Poor kid. I hope the mom at least didn’t save over the originals, so there are still copies showing what she *actually* looks like. Ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, those are my biggest two, too. Bad drivers can really piss me off, bad English makes me think less of a person’s intelligence.