What I Wore: Wine Tasting

My birthday yesterday was a pretty awesome day. It started out like this:

Tasty breakfast and companionable puppy.

with the puppy keeping me company while Ian cooked me some breakfast in bed. Then we headed out to a local vineyard for a wine tasting. Neither Ian or I had been to a vineyard or done a wine tasting before, so we were excited.

Wine tasting in the tasting room at Flat Creek Estate.

It was a lot of fun! We each got to pick 6 wines from the list for the tasting, and got to keep the glasses as souvenirs. The staff was really nice and informative about the wines, and we didn’t feel rushed at all. After we finished with the tasting, we picked our personal favorites and brought a bottle of each home (a hearty red for Ian, and a sparkling almond for me 🙂 ).

Then we took a walk around the vineyard. It was comfortable day out, warm but a bit overcast. They had already harvested the grapes earlier this summer, but it was still neat to look around. And we had planned well, because we were both a tad tipsy and needed to walk it off a bit before hitting the road again.

A view out over some vine rows.

This dress was rather long and I kept stepping on it.

Me and some grapevines.

Vineyard montage!

Ian in one of the little gardens.


This dress was a birthday gift from my sis, and it’s super comfy. A bit long, though; I might have to hem it. But I love the colors and the fact it’s a wrap dress, and it felt perfect for an outing to a vineyard.

After the wine tasting, we headed back home and lounged around for the rest of the afternoon. Then he took me out to a nice Italian place for dinner. Other bonus fun things this day: new Keurig machine (gift from Ian), an unexpected paycheck, a sale in my shop, and a badjillion well-wishes on Facebook and Twitter (sidenote: it’s amazing the people who come out of the woodwork on Facebook to wish you a happy birthday – nice, but strange). All in all, a very good day. 🙂

How’s your week going?

Colors: Navy, Charcoal, Cognac, and Bronze

Dress: the Jacobethan dress from Shabby Apple, a birthday gift from my younger sister
Shoes: The Naina faux leather ballet flats from Blowfish Shoes
Purse: bought from the Shop My Closet of a fellow blogger
Necklace: A hand-me-down from my older sister
Bracelet: I honestly don’t remember, I’ve had it for ages. Possibly a Ren faire.
Sunglasses: Same as always

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