Monday Treasure Trove

Monday Treasure Trove

I know, I usually do these on Tuesday. But tomorrow is the Blogger Book Club link up, and I’m not a two-posts-in-one-day kind of girl. And I have a bit of a backlog of things I want to share with you guys, as it’s been 3 weeks since my last treasure trove post. So, Monday Treasure Trove it is, just for this week.


Things of Note


This past weekend was good. There was coffee with friends and a fall festival and lazy mornings and a seasonally appropriate movie & game night complete with pizza. I even fit some screen printing and house cleaning in there. All in all, quite satisfactory. This week is looking to be pretty normal – work for me, work for Ian, no real social events planned as yet except for the weekly date night. No Halloween plans at all, which is fine.

How are all of you fine folks doing?


  1. Oh goodness, I think ever single link will be clicked on my end. These are all fabulous and I already have a multitude of tabs open. ;P For the 10 Words link, I loved the Deserts vs. Deserts vs Desserts one! As well as the I.e. vs. E.g. one, which I constantly get wrong. 😛 I also love the post about those who give others shit for reading certain titles, because it’s so true. The food stamp post is intriguing, as we’ve been on them for a while now and thank goodness, otherwise we would not eat. So much goodness, so much interesting posts!

    Our week should be pretty tame, except for Halloween which is tame in most people’s lives, but wild for us. It’s when we do our own little party, just us. It’s our most favorite holiday/Sabbat!

    1. Glad you found a lot of the links interesting (obviously I did, since i posted them!) 🙂

      This will be the first year, I think, where I haven’t had some sort of Halloween event needing a costume. It’s a bit odd, but I’m ok with extra down time. 🙂

  2. I think my hurricane preparations are now complete and here I am, waiting on my boyfriend to get off the phone with his grandmother so we can start cooking.