What I Wore: Halloweens Past

So. End of October. Halloween! I don’t have a regular What I Wore post for today, and I’m not dressing up for anything this year. As an adult no longer in college, a self-employed person, and as someone who doesn’t really like bar-hopping, there aren’t a whole lot of costume event options left. I have no kiddos to escort trick or treating, no work parties, a boyfriend who doesn’t like bothering with costumes and no inclination to throw a party myself. I’ll hand out candy to trick or treaters (and eat some myself) but that’s all that’s in store this year. I do miss getting to dress up, though. That was always my favorite part of Halloween. So here is what I was going to wear if any plans needing a costume had presented themselves:

Black Swan Halloween Costume


I got this dress as one of my Stylish Surprise items from ModCloth way earlier this year, and this costume is exactly what popped into my head when I saw it. Except I’d probably make the tiara out of pipe cleaners and buy a basic mask to paint black, rather than shelling out the dough for the beautiful-but-pricey pieces above. The ribbon would just be round around my lower legs/ankles like ballet shoe wraps. I may wear this next year, if we end up with costume event plans.

And here are some costumes I’ve worn in the past. Meet younger me, in various get-ups and hair-lengths:

As a fairy at a party in college, with my freshman year roommate.

On the far right as a bunny, freshman year of college.
Catwoman my senior year of college, with appropriate accomplices.
As a pirate wench out and about in Austin, dueling with Hamlet.
As a Roman warrior/gladiator 3 years ago.

As Phedre from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey, 2 years ago. My favorite!


Do you have any plans tonight? Dressing up, staying in, going out?

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  1. I love that you did Phedre! I have a small version of that tattoo on the upper part of my back and have always adored the design. (I didn’t go for the whole thing because I have a rule; never put a tattoo anywhere that is going to sag or stretch. And while the sagging might not be too bad, stretching around my ribs and all was another thing entirely 🙂

    1. I love that you know who Phedre is!! 😀 I have to confess, that is a fake tattoo in my costume. I found this awesome printable tattoo paper – just stick in in your home printer and print whatever you want, then apply. I’m too chicken for needles.

  2. You had some great costumes. I like to dress up, but I don’t find a lot of my friends like too. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s kind of hard when friends (and boyfriend, in my case) don’t like dressing up – they don’t throw costumes parties, and if you throw one they’re unlikely to come. Bummer all around.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. WOOOO HOOOO! That’s one hot Catwoman!!!

    We hid at a restaurant tonight……….then made sure the blinds were shut TIGHT! NO porch lights on. As a teacher, I get my fill during the day! 🙂

    1. Hahaha, thanks! *needs a blushy smiley symbol*

      We actually ended up hiding out, too. Went out for pizza. But since I had already bought candy, we just crazy taped the candy bucket to our front door handle and hung a sign that said ‘please only take 2-3 pieces.’ My boyfriend called it a test of the honesty of the kids in our neighborhood. 🙂 Happily, the bucket was still there when we got back, with only a few pieces remaining in the bottom. We claimed the remainder for ourselves and turned off the porch light. 😀

  4. Wow, you’ve dressed up quite a few times! I also find that the chances to dress up become fewer and fewer as we grow up! 🙁

    1. This is over the course of 10 years (wow, that made me feel old). The most recent one was 2 years ago. Happily, the boyfriend has tentatively agreed we can throw a costume party next year, as long as it’s like a costumed game night or costumed movie night, and not just about costumes/drinking. No argument from me, I’ll take what I can get!