What I Wore: Halloweens Past

So. End of October. Halloween! I don’t have a regular What I Wore post for today, and I’m not dressing up for anything this year. As an adult no longer in college, a self-employed person, and as someone who doesn’t really like bar-hopping, there aren’t a whole lot of costume event options left. I have no kiddos to escort trick or treating, no work parties, a boyfriend who doesn’t like bothering with costumes and no inclination to throw a party myself. I’ll hand out candy to trick or treaters (and eat some myself) but that’s all that’s in store this year. I do miss getting to dress up, though. That was always my favorite part of Halloween. So here is what I was going to wear if any plans needing a costume had presented themselves:

Black Swan Halloween Costume


I got this dress as one of my Stylish Surprise items from ModCloth way earlier this year, and this costume is exactly what popped into my head when I saw it. Except I’d probably make the tiara out of pipe cleaners and buy a basic mask to paint black, rather than shelling out the dough for the beautiful-but-pricey pieces above. The ribbon would just be round around my lower legs/ankles like ballet shoe wraps. I may wear this next year, if we end up with costume event plans.

And here are some costumes I’ve worn in the past. Meet younger me, in various get-ups and hair-lengths:

As a fairy at a party in college, with my freshman year roommate.

On the far right as a bunny, freshman year of college.

Catwoman my senior year of college, with appropriate accomplices.

As a pirate wench out and about in Austin, dueling with Hamlet.

As a Roman warrior/gladiator 3 years ago.

As Phedre from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey, 2 years ago. My favorite!


Do you have any plans tonight? Dressing up, staying in, going out?

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