Right now, I am…

trying to get rid of the hiccups I got from the root beer I drank with lunch.

plotting ways to spend my evenings, since Ian is working late shift this week.

getting ready to go to the post office to mail out a clothing swap and a custom print.

determined to finish up all of the little projects I have lying around that won’t really take long but for some reason I lost steam on. i.e. sew up a hole in a seam on a shirt, frame some photos, etc.

hoping I can get my hands on a copy of November’s book for the blogger book club without having to buy it like I did last month. On the waitlist at the library for physical or digital version.

feeling the aftereffects of my leg workout this morning. Lots of squats and lunges. Now a bit wobbly going up and down stairs, haha.

almost done with the book portion of my Fifty/Fifty challenge, and not far off with movies either.

happy and amazed with this weather. Low to mid 80’s and sunny all week – this is my perfect weather!!

glad I get to see my mom in just a few weeks!

experiencing a bit of trepidation about the 10 year high school reunion also looming, but I’m probably over-thinking/hyping it.

getting better at quickly switching out screens between hoops for my screen printing.

having a surprisingly good and productive Monday.


How’s the start of your week going?