Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Work has been super slow lately, so I’ve been getting lots of random things done around the house. Finally putting pictures in those frames and getting them on the wall, sewing on missing buttons and fixing holes, weeding flowerbeds, laundry… I’ve also been reading a lot, and finished up the book portion of my Fifty/Fifty challenge. And overall it’s been a nice break from the normal flow of things, even if I do get restless occasionally. Next week we’re heading up to Ohio for Thanksgiving with my family, and also my 10-year high school reunion. Gulp. I admit I’m a teensy bit anxious about it.

Also, our weather here seems to have realized it’s November. It was 45 degrees when I woke up this morning. We’ve finally switched to running the heat instead of the A/C, and I am appreciating the Keurig even more on these cold mornings.

How’s your week going?


  1. It’s suddenly become winter here in Israel too. I’ve made the seasonal shift from iced coffee back to cappuccino and the slippers have come out of storage. So far I’ve avoided putting the heat on (but mainly because I’m still in shock over our summer electricity bill from all the a/c running) but even with a few layers on it’s getting pretty dang chilly.

    PS The Middle Earth-Game of Thrones video sounds like a riot but it says there are spoilers. The show isn’t on here so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read the first book so far. Are the spoilers just from the first book/season or should I avoid the clip?

    1. There’s only one real spoiler (from book 3), so I don’t know why they put that in plural. Though I’m not sure some of the match-ups will make sense if you’ve only read the first book, as some of the characters named don’t show up until later books. *shrug*

      I am in layers and drinking hot beverages today, too.

  2. I saw someone post that George R. R. Martin video on Google + and I so want to watch it but it says it contains spoilers. So I’m going to wait since I don’t know how far in advance the spoilers go. I’m all caught up with the show but I haven’t made it through the first book yet.

    1. I haven’t watched much of the show, so I can’t say for sure whether the video gives something away that hasn’t happened yet there. Based on the books, though, there is a hint to something that happens in book 3, though it’s not very specific. And otherwise some of the characters in the match-ups don’t show up til later books, so… I dunno.