Sunday Confessions


1. I will probably not ever go to another high school reunion. My 10-year was this year (last night, in fact). It was the first one we’ve had, since we skipped the 5-year. And it was just weird. I feel so far beyond the person I was in high school. And yeah, people grow up and change, but it turns out that the people you didn’t have anything to say to in high school you still don’t have anything to say to (and vice versa). My graduating class was about 180 people, and maybe about 60 were at the reunion. Of the core group of my friends from back in those days, only a handful were there. So a lot of the people I would’ve liked to see and catch up with were not in attendance. And then they turned on the disco ball and the ‘DJ’ started blasting just pure bass sound, and that was enough. I survived three hours of awkward conversation and watered down drinks, so I consider my lifetime quote of school reunions met.

2. This trip has proved that I have officially and irrevocably lost whatever tolerance for cold weather I once had. Texas is in my veins now.

3. I’ve also realized that I’ve become more of a city girl than I knew. We ordered drinks last night – a Shiner and an amaretto sour – and it was only $7. I was shocked. Apparently I am used to paying $7 just for the mixed drink alone.

4. I have the best boyfriend in the world. Not only did he endure a 20-hour roadtrip already (with a repeat tomorrow for the drive back down), but also Thanksgiving with my family, the awkward school reunion, and he did handyman work around the house for my mom. He is the best.

5. I did more Black Friday shopping than I probably should have. The deals! They suck me in. But on the upside, I have everyone’s Xmas presents figured out, so there will be no last minute scrambling.

6. Not a confession, but just some reminders: there’s still time to enter the November giveaway. And you can use code TDAY2012 for 20% off anything in my shop (including custom orders) through the 27th. 🙂


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