Tuesday 10: Holiday Movies

Linking up with Lena for this week’s Tuesday 10 theme: holiday movies. I’m taking a page from her book and listing not only movies with actual holiday themes, but also movies that I like to watch this time of year OR movies that come out this holiday season that I want to see, holiday-themed or not. Mostly because I couldn’t think of 10 holiday-themed movies that I like. πŸ˜‰

1. White Christmas. This gets watched every year by my family, no exceptions. I still think my younger sister and I need to karaoke that Sisters song at some point in our lives.

2. Love Actually. Who doesn’t like a montage of love and Christmas? Especially when it includes Colin Firth.

3. Les Miserables. I am so excited about this new version, I can’t wait to see it! I’ve already extracted a promise from the boy to see it with me (he has never seen or read any version of Les Mis – I KNOW!).

4. Holiday. Despite the name, not actually about Christmas. An oldie and goodie, I love this movie anytime really.

5. The Wedding Planner. I’m not sure what it is about this movie, but it’s one of those that I’ll watch whenever it’s on TV, and my mom and sisters love, too.

6. The Hobbit. Also coming out this December, another one I want to see. Pretty sure I saw each of the LOTR movies in theaters around Christmas, too. What? They have elves. That’s holiday-like, right?

7. Santa Claus the Movie. I actually haven’t seen this in YEARS but it was one of my favorites as a kid.

8. The Sound of Music. This also used to get watched every Christmas until my family revolted against me for making them watch such a long movie every year. Now I catch it on TV once in awhile. Haven’t made Ian sit through it… yet.

9. Die Hard. The original one, for the obvious reason that it happens at a Christmas party, but really any of them. Have you guys heard there’s a new one coming out on Valentine’s Day?

10. Ziggy’s Gift. Does anyone else remember this? Quirky little animated Christmas movie. Loved this as a kid.

What about you? What are the movies you watch over and over this time of year, or are looking forward to?


  1. Oh my gosh! Santa Clause the movie is my all-time favourite Christmas film. I found a copy of it at Target two years ago, and watching it actually brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. I am so excited that you like it too.

    My brother and I had a full-on verbal brawl the other night about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I’m not telling him about this post…

    1. I think I need to get my hands on a copy of it as well; I don’t think the boyfriend has seen it, judging by his bemused expression when I was trying to remember the name of it and describing sparkly hay for the reindeers, haha.

      I don’t think Die Hard is a Christmas movie in the sense that it’s all about cheer and holiday feel-goodness, but the first one does take place on Christmas, and (at least in my family) is something we tend to watch if it’s on TV around Christmas.

  2. Oh man, Les Mis. The Hobbit. I am SO READYYYY. Love Actually is my favorite holiday movie of all time. I want to watch it right now!

  3. I actually have never seen or read any version of Les Mis at all. So I’m pretty stoked about the movie. A few months ago I kinda skimmed the wiki article about it so I have a rough idea of what it’s about.

    The trailers for The Hobbit are weird. I watch one and it makes me think OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME! and the next one makes me think Wow, this uh, looks a bit cheesy and the next one is back to being awesome…and then cheesy. But I’ll still go see it and hopefully it’s more of the awesome variety than the cheesy one lol

    My favorite christmas movie is Elf, and I only saw it the whole way through a few years ago. I know right? I’m just not all that into holiday movies, I guess. But wow, Elf is hularious and I love it.

    1. I haven’t seen too many trailers for The Hobbit, but I think it will be in general as good as the LOTR movies. And at least it won’t have Elijah Wood! he creeps me out.

      Definitely go see Les Mis. Movie, stage show, whatever form. It’s amazing.

      I’m probably going to cause a ruckus with this, but I actually don’t like Elf. *runs and hides*

  4. Yay for including The Sound of Music on this list! I love that movie even though everyone always snickers at me. πŸ˜› I actually got to see it on Broadway years ago and it was amazing!

    1. I saw the preview for the new one and was like – he has a son? I think this is their way of transferring the series to a younger guy so they can keep it going forever, haha. I’m still going to go see it, though. πŸ˜€

  5. Rudolph the red nose reindeer is a must for me. I love all those old stop action movies. Also it’s a wonderful life. It’s not Christmas without those. Home alone as well. Okay I could probably go on and on like this. I’m a sucker for Chriatmas movies.

    1. I like the old stop-action movies, too, or at least I did when I was a kid – haven’t actually seen them in awhile, and other movies won out for the top 10. But they are still good (I like Rudolph, too). πŸ™‚

    1. Me too!!! I can’t believe I’m going to have to wait a few days to see it after it comes out! Boyfriend’s family will be in town staying with us and he doesn’t think we can convince the menfolk to go see it (I’ve already extracted his promise to see it with me).

  6. I had completely forgotten about Santa Claus the movie! I used to love that when I was a kid. I’d really like to watch it again, and pass it along to other kids so I think I’ll bring it with me when I babysit my coworker’s kids next weekend.