Things of Note:

Things are good here. Work is back in high gear, the normal way of things for the holiday season. My shop has really been picking up sales momentum, which is super exciting – all the work is starting to pay off! 🙂 We’ve also got a couple of holiday gatherings sprinkled over the next few weeks – holiday work parties for Ian (yes, plural; they have two different dates so everyone can make one, but since he’s management level he has to go to both); a movie night with friends; and of course the unofficial in-laws coming for Christmas. I’m actually kind of excited about Ian’s work parties since with my job holiday parties are non-existent, haha. Now to plan what to wear! And then we’re planning on getting our tree this weekend, which I always love. I don’t really care whether there’s snow or not, but it’s not Christmas for me without a tree. Unintentional rhyme.

How are you all doing this week?