1. This is an approximation of what I ended up wearing to the first of Ian’s work holiday parties last night:

Semi-Casual Holiday Work Party #1

This dress just came in the mail yesterday afternoon, which was perfect. I’d been lusting after it on ModCloth for months and months, and it finally went on sale after Black Friday, so I nabbed it. 😀 I couldn’t find the exact coat, necklace, or purse I have, but these are close enough in look. I also ended up ditching the cardigan, since it wasn’t that cold out or inside the place. It hit the right tone overall, I think. It was nice and put together, but still on the casual side. A few of the other women there were dressed similarly (though there were some in sparkly tops and jeans, too) so I didn’t feel out of place.

2. We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend and I’m so excited!!!! I love decorating it.

3. It’s been my lucky week! I won a $10 shop credit to Mama’s Nest Designs (one of my FAVORITE handmade shops, as Tricia can attest 🙂 ), and also a snowflake holiday-themed dog collar from Freya’s Studio for Sienna, who I’m sure will look adorable in it. Yay giveaways!

4. We went to a Hawaiian-themed birthday party this past weekend, and even Sienna got leid (when we got home).


5. Some funny Christmas-y cartoons to brighten up your Friday:


Have a good weekend, everyone!