What I Wore: Red Buds in December

I wore this last week, before our little cold spell descended. A sleeveless top and light cardigan in December! This is why I live in Texas. I know in the summer I start complaining about it being over 100, but that’s a price I’ll gladly pay for sunny 75 degree days in the winter. I had quite enough grey slushy 20-degree days growing up in Ohio.

The past few days, of course, it’s been a bit colder. It’s all of 40 degrees out when I typed this out. But weather forecast shows it’s back up to 70 this weekend. At this rate, there most definitely won’t be a white Christmas, but I have my pretty tree inside so I’ve enough Christmas setting to get by on. This next week will see a cleaning rampage as we get ready for holiday guests. My office in particular needs a good cleaning, as there needs to be space to put an air mattress on the floor. And while our bedroom won’t have people going in and out, I should probably do something about the mountain of clothes that got folded but not put away, or flung there when deciding outfits. So… yeah. If you’re wondering why I’ve never done a home tour of any sort, the plain fact of the matter is that Ian & I attract clutter and piles of things like magpies. There’s always something more appealing to do than organize, haha.

How about you? Clutter-holic or neat freak? Expecting a white Christmas, or going sunbathing?

Also, Sienna should really have let me know that my necklace clasp had slid around. I tell her when she has peanut butter on her nose. It’s only fair.

Colors: Bright Red, Khaki, Dark Denim, Antique Gold

Cardigan: from Ross
Shirt: from Tulle
Jeans: from Kohl’s
Shoes: Joost Wedge Pump by Rampage, from HauteLook
Necklace: from a now out-of-business Etsy shop
Ring: from a Renaissance fair
Sunglasses: same as always

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