Right now, I am…

feeling accomplished because I put together a succulent terrarium that is a Christmas gift for someone, and it looks fabulous. Now I just need to not somehow kill it for the next week.

trying to be quiet because Ian is sleeping. He’s working night shift tonight and tomorrow night, so our schedules are all opposite.

amazed that it is 80 degrees out right now. One week before Christmas! I know this is Texas and all, but that’s a bit unusual even for here.

wearing a dress with a hood, a vest with pockets, and fun tights. Come back tomorrow to see.

glad I got all of my Christmas mailing out of the way yesterday. It was a big trip to the post office, but now I’m done! Christmas shopping & sending (and wrapping, come to think of it): complete!

just not caring that my hair is kind of a wild mess today, despite attempts to restrain it.

being really productive so far this week, both work-wise, and house-getting-ready-for-guests-wise. Which is good, because that’ll mean less stress come Friday evening when they get here.

still offering a last-minute Christmas discount in my shop! Use code XMAS2012DD for 20% anything and everything.

totally ok with the fact that these Right Now posts are my fall-back plan when I don’t have time/ideas to post anything else. 😀

about to finish up the screen for the quatrefoil design; didn’t quite get it done this past weekend.

half looking forward to a night on my own because I tend to get so much done.


How about you?