Monday Treasure Trove

I know, I usually do these on Tuesday. But tomorrow is Christmas, and I’m scheduling this post ahead of time as it is. So, Monday Treasure Trove it is.


Things of Note


I am busy playing hostess for Christmas, so all of the posts between last Fri-coming Wed are scheduled. So I don’t have much ‘current’ news. I do know we’re making tamales for dinner tonight, then some unpronounceable Swedish thing for breakfast tomorrow, and then some uber yummy pastitsio (Greek lasagna) for dinner tomorrow. And we will be watching White Christmas at some point, because it’s my favorite. And I’m a bit impatient, because Ian’s family waits til actual Christmas morning to open presents, whereas my family opens them on Christmas Eve, but we’re with his family so I have to wait! Haha. But I’ve already gotten one, because my mom sent me a dress form (yay!!!) a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present, so I guess that’ll hold me over. 😀

I hope you all have wonderful Christmases/Hanukkahs/Holidays!