Bling in the New Year Gift Swap

This past month I participated in the Bling in the New Year gift swap, which was all about accessories you could use for a New Years Eve party and beyond. I got paired with Allie, one of the organizers, and sent her a box of goodies earlier this month (even though I was tempted to keep some of the pieces myself!). Head on over to her place to see what I gave her! (erm, I may have forgotten to take a pic before I sent it off to her).

And here’s what she got me:

A very pretty beaded necklace! It’s a brass chain with champagne colored beads, and can be worn double-layered or as a longer single necklace. I don’t own anything like it yet and it will be super versatile, so it was perfect! And aside from just sheer pretty factor, it was also from iSanctuary, a company that helps survivors of human trafficking reintegrate into society. So, my necklace was handmade by a woman or girl rescued from slavery, and the proceeds go directly to her bank account to help her build a new life. If I’m reading the signature on the tag correctly, her name is Seema. Allie got a gift not just for me, but for this woman halfway around the world working to start over. That is pretty awesome.

Sadly, we had to cancel our New Years Eve party since Ian is still fighting off shingles, but I’m sure I’ll find occasion to wear this soon! Thank you, Allie! 😀

Happy New Years to all of you! What are your plans tonight?


    1. I love it, too! (wearing it now, in fact). I had never heard of that company, either, but I like their purpose and their jewelry: win-win. 🙂 Thanks for helping to organize the swap, and Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂

  1. I love this necklace! It looks great with that polka dot shirt!

    Shingles?! What is he, 85 years old?! just kidding, I hope he feels better soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks! And yeah, he’s kind of an old man, haha. I thought that, too, when we found out, but the doctor said he’d actually seen quite a number of younger people with shingles lately, so he wasn’t surprised Ian had it. Luckily he’s feeling a lot better and it should be all cleared up soon. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you like the necklace! I loved so many pieces on the website and it’s such a great cause :). Thanks for being such an awesome partner! I hope Ian is feeling better soon! My husband had shingles a few years ago and it was awful 🙁 Happy new year!

    1. Yes, I love it! And that site has lots of great pieces, thanks for introducing me to it. I had fun swapping with you!!

      Also, looks like the shingles is clearing up, and he’s feeling lots better – thanks. 🙂