Sunday Confessions

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1. I don’t understand places that don’t let you leave a tip on a gift card if the whole meal/whatever is covered by it. I think that’s a silly rule. And it’s like paying with a different sort of credit card, so why wouldn’t you be able to? Who carries cash? The boy and I certainly don’t on a regular basis. Apologies to the server last night at Flix who only got a $1 tip, but that was all we had in cash. I tried to leave a bigger tip, but was paying solely with a gift card, and was informed they couldn’t add a tip amount to the total if paying that way. Your silly restrictions are working against your employees, Flix.

2. I am a big Les Miserables fan. I’ve read the book, seen the stage show in London, seen a recorded stage show of Broadway, seen the non-musical movie… you get the idea. So I was pumped about this newest version. And overall I really loved it (that’s what we saw at Flix last night). But my one beef with it was Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Javert. Aside from Javert’s two feature songs, he did ok, but man those two could’ve been so much better. Stars especially. I love that song, and he just completely drained it of emotion – his face looked at peace during it! At peace! That song is supposed to be him righteously swearing to hound Valjean to the ends of the earth, and it was just tepid! If Stars isn’t done with vehemence, and Soliloquy as completely lost and torn, then his death makes no sense. And I don’t feel Crowe delivered on either of those fronts. The rest of the cast, though, impressed me – Anne Hathaway (Fantine) and Eddie Redmayne (Marius) especially. Hugh Jackman (Valjean) did decently; if his singing voice was shaky in places, at least he gave a fully committed emotional performance. It was on most points a beautiful version of the show/story. I’m glad I took my kleenex, because I cried a few times. And all Ian would say afterwards was ‘that was intense.’ And it is, in the best way.

3. I completely fell off the wagon with my workout routine. Back around Thanksgiving. *sigh* But I’m making it a goal to get back into this week and stick to it, because I feel better and sleep better when I do.

That’s all I’ve got today. Now I’m off to relax and screenprint and read and do weekend-y things while Sunday’s still here.

How’s your weekend going?


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