Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

I don’t have much to say today. It’s gray and rainy, and I’ve pretty much decided I don’t have any errands important enough to leave the house for. So it’s all work and laundry and maybe some screen printing or Sims later. Maybe curling up with a book. Speaking of, I’m doing the Fifty-Fifty challenge again this year (read 50 new-to-me books and watch 50 new-to-me movies in one year) and have updated that page accordingly. I’m doing it in conjunction with the Goodreads reading challenge to keep track of everything. Though, overachiever that I am, my magic number is 85 of each (I did 75 last year).

How about you? How’s your day going? Are you doing any sort of reading challenge this year?


  1. It’s disgusting that they let the VAWA expire- I really couldn’t agree more. I just don’t know, when it comes to the world of politics, when they stopped caring about the people. I firmly believe that our “founding fathers,” that so many like to bring up (and I am now one of them) cared about the people. What went wrong since then? I have my thoughts but they would take days to write.

    I just started following Yes and Yes and that was my first thought when I saw the title of her blog, was, but does she ever say no? I’m with her on a lot of things. I bow out of drama, can’t stand when people complain about that which they can change or do something about, and many many more things I saw no to. It’s not something I’ve been good at. Frankly I used to suck at it and it still takes work to say no, especially when it involves loved ones. But it now feels good to do it and has benefited me so much to start mastering that word and knowing when to say it and when not to. There’s one thing right now lingering in my head that I’m unsure to say yes or no to. I might have to bring it up in our talk tomorrow because I’m rather torn.

    I didn’t know about the Barnes & Nobles starting to close. I always get my books from the library, buy from used bookstores when I read and loved a book, and now use paperback swap. Plus I just skip shopping areas, which means I no longer run into B&N anymore. And though I’m also not a lover of big business this does sadden me. In library school this kind of thing was the talk of the town. We often had to discuss, what are the future of libraries, bookstores and specifically the physical book. I only read physical books and love holding a book in my hand. They never get outdated, old but instead loved, worn with care, and their smells bring back memories. I’m honestly not sure where we are headed but I have hope.

    To be honest I expected to click on “50 things to stop doing forever” but was surprised by how much I said, “agree, agree, agree!” in my head. Many of them like doing things because you “should” or also because it’s “expected” or others enjoy it is one that I have long and tossed. I now do what I want to do which ties into the other one of setting I want to achieve and not should achieve. “Pretending I’m too old or it’s too late” is something I often talk about. I’ve had people say that to me about a vegan diet, oh but I’m too old. Then I can just point over to someone I admire, her name is Ruth, and she is old and she changed. The point is it’s never too late and age is the lamest excuse in the book. My husband’s grandparents complained about walking too much and said it’s their age that makes it difficult to do any thing “laboring.” I looked right at his grandmother and told her how my parents can wipe the floor with me on the tennis court and my dad is 57. What you do with the age is what makes you old or young, not the age itself.

    I have been meaning to write a list of things to stop buying forever. I see people waste their money on so many things that there are cheaper alternatives for and I’d love to talk about that.

    You know, it was just yesterday that I stopped following A Beautiful Mess. It was just too much filler for me. That was one of the few posts I read of theirs and it just didn’t do it for me. It felt generic, but that’s just me.

    I love your Tuesday Treasure Trove by the way. I went through your last one and just neglected to comment, but will.

    Oh you know it on the reading goal. I set a goal of books to read in Goodreads as well. So far I’ve read some great books. I haven’t set a movie number- well basically my goal is to watch a shitload of movies this year. 🙂 I’ve seen two so far and am watching one today.

    1. I’m with you on the what-went-wrong-with-politics thing – it would take me days to write my thoughts on that, and they would be angry-filled days, haha.

      I’ve had trouble saying No to things, too and a lot of the points Sarah brought up were things I’ve been working to get better at saying no to. Particularly drama friends, and not responding to clients after 6pm/on weekends. And social outings I have no interest in, though some friends get huffy over that.

      I get a big majority of my books from the library, too, but I also am a B&N member (discounts!) and get gift cards for birthdays and Christmas sometimes, and it always just makes me happy to walk into a bookstore, it doesn’t matter how big/small. I’m solidly in the physical book camp (I don’t even own an e-reader), and I know exactly what you mean about the smell of books, particularly old books. I love it. I’ve tried e-books and audio books, and they are ok, but I still prefer real books. I think if I could have any job in the world it would be as an owner of a small bookstore.

      I would love to read your post on things to stop buying – I’ll keep my eye out for it!

      Lol, I wonder how my little progress meter would react if I put in ‘shitload’ for my movie-viewing goal. It would probably break. Though I’d be interested to see how it tallied the different progress levels, haha.

      Thanks so much for commenting, and I’m glad you like these round-ups! 😀

      1. You and me both on not owning an e-reader. I even tried one audiobook, just because you never know until you try. But it’s just not for me. I like the physical book and, like you, that’s why I love walking into a bookstore or library. It’s like walking into magical place, because it really is magic.

        I suppose I aught to get back to working on that post then. 🙂

        Haha, I didn’t know if I was crossing a line with “shitload” but sometimes I like to test the waters. 😉 I’m on to my 10th movie of the year and just loving it!! I just love chatting movies with others!

  2. I’m feeling very unmotivated this afternoon, but I’m getting my to-do list done, anyway! Called a lawyer for my SSDI case, found Jen a new psychiatrist and hopefully if she’s good, I can see her as well; played SW:TOR and will be doing laundry!

    1. That is productive! Way to beat the un-motivation (I have trouble with that). I hope the new doctor works out for you both. 🙂

  3. You compile some great lists! Do you “stumble upon” your material or do you find yourself returning to the same sites week after week and consistently find quality posts? I agree about the sadness of the VOWA expiring (really?!!) and the downfall of B & N. Though I’ve always scoffed at their high prices, there is something to be said for the bookstore experience. It makes me wonder if our world will one day become like Fahrenheit 451 – – where books will be owned by a precious few – – perhaps not because of censorship, but because of the digitization of EVERYTHING. (But I tend to be a bit catastrophic in my thinking.)

    Looking forward to “seeing” you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks!! I find things in a weird mash-up of things people post on Facebook, things tweeted on Twitter, and things in my RSS reader. I’d say Twitter is probably my main source, though.

      I’m sad about B&N, too. I think the article author put it perfectly when he said that two thousand fewer places for people to be exposed to books is pretty obviously not good for our culture, regardless of price point. I’d be less worried about it if ebook sales had taken off and that was to blame, but apparently those were down, too. So it was just bad news for books across the board last year. :-\