Right Now

Right now, I am…

procrastinating on doing work. Not because any of my projects are all that hard or have headache-inducing clients, but because I am just tired.

about to do my leg workout for the week. Yeah. The procrastination is so bad that exercise looks good in comparison to work. Haha.

drinking water. I’m trying to do better with how much water I drink in a day.

glad that it’s sunny out today. All that cold rain junk last week was a downer. Although I just looked at my weather widget and it shows HAIL for Wednesday. Wtf?

excited to start some refashioning projects with some clothes I scored at the thrift store last week. I’ll try to remember to take ‘before’ shots – I always forget that part.

also really bad at remembering to take pictures when me and the boy cook something new. We tried a red snapper recipe on Friday, which I would’ve loved to share on the blog, but without pictures it’s kind of pointless.

really hoping the last remnants of Ian’s shingles experience go away soon. It’s all cleared up visually and he hasn’t been contagious for quite awhile, but he still has some phantom pain and extreme itchiness. Enough so that he’s up several times in a night. And apparently this can last for weeks or months after the shingles is gone. Yeesh. Really hoping that’s not the case for him.

trying to decide what the next design for the shop will be (aside from a larger version of the quatrefoil).


How’s your Monday going so far?


  1. That water drinking thing. If you find a great trick for that, let me know. I forget. I am just not interested. But it WAS a goal of mine this year!

    1. I don’t mind water as a beverage, I just have to remember to consciously choose it over soda instead of just auto-reaching for caffeine. Not much of a trick, I know. :-\