This week’s list of read-worthy things. If you’re looking for Tuesday 10, just scroll down.


Things of Note:


Along with the list of readables above, I thought I’d join in with Lena’s Tuesday 10. The theme this week is Dream Jobs. So, if I wasn’t doing the freelance design thing, here are some other jobs I’ve daydreamed about:

  1. Owning a bookstore. Lots of wood surfaces and character required.
  2. Owning a clothing boutique.
  3. Interior designer.
  4. Fine art photographer. (as opposed to journalist photog or portrait photographer – I basically don’t want to work with people while doing photos, haha)
  5. Famous published author.
  6. Wedding planner.
  7. Personal shopper.
  8. Casting director for movies/shows.
  9. Fashion designer and/or Project Runway participant. Haha, I know. Sewing skills REALLY need to be upped first.
  10. Video game designer.

How about you? What are some of your dream jobs?