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Today I’d like to introduce Niki from Glossy Blonde, one of my lovely sponsors this month. She’s a sassy blonde dishing up style and sweets. ๐Ÿ™‚ Get to know her below and then go say hi!



Niki Caron

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Hi! I’m Niki. First, let me just say that Glossy Blonde refers to my deep love of lip gloss… and more obvious, the fact that I’m blonde. I’m just your average fashion and beauty addict who loves to bake (and eat). I deliver my honest thoughts, finds, recipes and reviews on my blog, oftentimes with a side of sass.I am married to my best friend in the whole entire world; and we live with our 3 “kids” – a pit bull, a shepherd mix, and a very large kitty, all rescues!

I’ve loved fashion and style as long as I can remember, and I’ve never been one to care to blend in. I am also incredibly obsessed with beauty products and I love all things pretty. And I’ve inherited a lot from my Dad, one of those traits being my proclivities for sweets. And my vocabulary (my Dad loves the word “proclivities”). I love to bake in my spare time and come up with new, fun, delicious recipes!

Finally, I am a little worker bee. I work full time, I’m working on my MBA at night, and I’m also working on opening a clothing/accessories boutique. The online portion will hopefully be up and running soon, with a brick and mortar storefront to follow in the future!

Whereabouts in the world do you call home?
I currently live in NJ, but I’m moving (back) to Boston in a few weeks!

You’ve been blogging not quite a full year yet; what is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about blogging/the blog world?
The most surprising thing about the blog world to me was the sense of community! It’s surprising in a good way, but I just never realized that there were so many other bloggers that would be so supportive. I’ve developed some really great friendships though blogging!


What prompted or inspired you to start doing outfit posts?
I’ve always loved fashion and I have a lot of fun getting dressed every day, so I thought it would be fun to share my spin on personal style with the rest of the world. I started off with a few photos on Facebook and received so much support that I thought, why not try an outfit post?! Even though I was really nervous about putting myself out there, I feel like it’s been a great way of connecting with my readers and letting them see my own personal style, which is the basis for many of my fashion-inspired layouts. I can’t say that every outfit has been a hit, but I try to have fun with it – I think it’s important not to take fashion (or life!) too seriously.

How would you define your style?
I would define my style as classic chic. I love classic pieces, like a fabulous cashmere sweater, a great pair of nude pumps, etc., but I love to bring them current by adding an unexpected twist, say, brightly colored jeans or a statement necklace.

You’ve hinted that you’re working on opening a clothing boutique; how’s that going? When should we expect to see that hit the internet? What style(s) are you planning on carrying?
The boutique is coming along! I’m currently working through my business plan and hope to have it online this summer. The items you can expect to see will be along the lines of my own personal style – classic chic. I want to carry key pieces that are stylish, but not outright trendy. Pieces that will make my customers look and feel stylish, but that will hopefully remain staples in their closets for a long time to come.


Favorite and least favorite colors:
My absolute favorite color is yellow, followed by navy. I can’t say I have any least favorite colors – I love color in general!

Recipe you’re most proud of tackling (& link if you’ve featured it on your blog):
My biggest accomplishment recipe-wise was the 4-Cheese Stuffed Shells in Marinara. I know it doesn’t sound like anything too crazy, but I seem to have really bad luck with cooking! I can bake like there’s no tomorrow, but give me a dinner recipe and I usually mess it up. The fact that these came out not only edible, but actually delicious, and I didn’t burn anything down in the process, made me very, very happy.

Best movie you’ve seen recently:
I will say it over and over again until I see a movie that even compares… the absolute best movie I have seen in a long time was Batman Returns! It was just SO good! Ted was good too, but I cried like a little baby at the end. I am such a nerd. ๐Ÿ™‚

Those 4-cheese shells do look yummy. And I can’t wait to see what Niki stocks in her boutique! ๐Ÿ™‚ Go visit her, and swap style tips!


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