Tuesday Treasure Trove

This week’s list of read-worthy things. If you’re looking for Tuesday 10, just scroll down.


Things of Note:


Along with the list of readables above, I thought I’d join in with Lena’s Tuesday 10. The theme this week is Things You Still Hand-write. Here is my list:

Things I Still Hand Write

And in case you can’t read my handwriting:

  1. To-do lists
  2. Grocery lists
  3. Blog post planning
  4. Shop planning
  5. Christmas card recipient list
  6. Christmas gift ideas by person
  7. Notes from client meetings/phone calls
  8. Checks
  9. Recipe cards for my recipe box
  10. Poetry in my writing journal

How about you? Are you a write-by-hand or everything-typed person?


  1. I love that list of articles. I read a few and they are interesting. I like the 7 things you really want to tell people. So true. Just letting you know I got your ‘rejects’ and they were AWESOME. Thanks so much. Also, I posted about them to on my blog. 🙂

  2. I write almost everything by hand first: my novels, poetry, blog planning, shopping lists, to do lists, recipes… I have sooo many notebooks and countless pens

    1. Your novels, too? That’s dedication. 🙂 I couldn’t write something that long by hand, I don’t think. Lists, notes, shorter poetry, no problem.