Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Life is pretty good. Work is going well. I’m not sick, and the weather is hovering around 70 degrees lately. Happy things, all. I’m a little behind on where I want to be with shop stuff, but it looks like I’ll have this afternoon free so the plan is to have a screenprinting fest.

In other news, every once in awhile I’ll get an email from a random high schooler or freshman in college, wanting to interview me for a paper or class because they’re interested in a career in graphic design. I got another one yesterday, and it still just weirds me out. First off, I’m a freelancer that still lives paycheck to paycheck more often than not; I don’t have the glossy type of design job most of these kids are probably thinking of. Second, there’s still a part of me that doesn’t consider myself a ‘real’ adult – i.e. a professional that young persons would want to interview. And third, they’re all from really random places, nowhere near Austin. So I’m like – how did you even find out about me? I guess my professional site has awesome SEO for ‘graphic designer’ or something. I try to be really honest in the answers I give to their questions – which I think may have scared some kids off, because more often than not I don’t even get a response/thank you. *shrug* I hate to disillusion kids, but being a completely self-employed freelancer is hard work. There’s not a magic formula that will get them there if they’re not willing to commit and put in the hours. And even then, more likely than not you’re not going to be working for big campaigns like Coca Cola or something. Just call me Freelancer, Crusher of Youths’ Dreams, haha.

You guys have any moments like that, when obviously someone considers you a real adult but you don’t feel like one?


  1. I still don’t feel like an adult most days…. about the only thing that does is when they don’t bother carding me at the liquor store, lol.

    1. Ha, true! That does make one feel like a real adult. Though, conversely, at 28 I also still love getting carded on rare occasions. 🙂